Nested Fiber Page

Utilizing state of the art computerized nesting & digitizing equipment, a high level of quality is provided for you, the customer, with precision cuts of a variety of shapes and sizes that represents the foam fabrication process.

Foam Cutting Top Arm Cutting

All BioComfort® foams are cut on either vertical or horizontal CNC cutting machines.  These machines use computerized technology to cut parts efficiently and quickly. BioComfort® foam can be cut from slabs, blocks or even full buns to fabricate the shapes you desire.

Fiber Gluing Fiber Gluing

Fiber is also cut using nested CAD technology. Fiber and BioComfort® foam are cut before they are glued together, either on the assembly line or as a custom part that must be fabricated by an operator.

Bag Cutting Fiber and Feather Blowing

The demand for fiber and down blend pillows is supplied with automated cutting machines which provide accurate cuts, as well as blowing technology which offers both fiber and down blend (feather) pillows for your custom needs.

All foam products are labeled with the BioComfort® logo and counted during the shipping process.  These items are shipped to furniture manufacturers that skillfully craft your customized furniture for everyday comfort.